After receiving my BFA I began emailing businesses I liked in order to sell my graphic design skills. Peter McMaster, owner of Competitive Gear Bike Shop, returned my email and we quickly started collaborating on a new logo design for the shop. This final logo design was printed on everything from shirts, to shopping bags, water bottles, and cycling kits.

In 2011 I was tasked with designing a shop branded team kit inspired by our favorite color configuration of that year, and applying logos of businesses represented by our team members. This kit was sublimation printed by Voler USA was worn by the team for multiple seasons. A matching water bottle was also designed for the team and sold in-store. While working at Competitive Gear I also designed jerseys for their women's cycling group, hosted multiple cycling related events, and periodically worked with other businesses as a graphic designer.

2011-2013 Brooklyn & NYC

I moved to Brooklyn in 2011 and spent much of my time there exploring the city and researching different personal interests. Many of my interests revolved around the arts, music, and creative writing. This poster was a show I produced, promoted, and hosted. Aside from the three musical acts listed on the poster, I also invited undergraduate photo students from the New School to show their most avant-garde works. I DJ'ed my favorite records and had a table of zines I had written over the previous two years. I used this poster combined with various guerilla distribution tactics to advertise the event, and was astounded when I saw it was listed as one of the top 10 events happening that night in Brooklyn.

During this time I also worked on several small projects; from designing album art to creating artist merchandise. A short lift of these efforts would include: Brooklyn Fireproof, the Living Gallery, Good Bones, and Hester Street Market.

In late 2013, I returned to western Pennsylvania and began freelancing on various projects. In early 2014, I began working with Adam Hardman on a logo for his new film company. Through several hours of discussion we finally landed on a hand drawn logo of a bent coin that looked degraded through time. I spent some time sketching and distressing paper before scanning the image that would be used. This logo was animated by Micah Yaple for use by Adam Hardman.

Below are the process pages for the final logo design as well as a trailer from one of Adam's Films which opens with the logo animation. A few months later, Adam commissioned me to create multipage playbills for the release of The Lower Angels at Tribeca Film Festival.

2015-Present: Pittsburgh, PA

In 2015 I began working with my wife and lifelong collaborator, Candace Davis, on a cottage industry project of creative goods. We showed and vended these works at as many art markets and maker fairs as we could get accepted into. Our neighborhood at the time, Polish Hill, had an event which had been held annually. However, in 2015 it almost didn't happen due to lack of interest and lack of marketing materials. I decided to help change that. Working with the Polish Hill Civic Association, we developed this poster with images I photographed around the neighborhood and collaged as a reinterpretation of the many sets of city steps that climb Polish Hill. Artists were invited, posters were distributed, and the Polish Hill Arts Festival survived another year. Candace and I were vendors at the festival, and enjoyed seeing the creative works of our neighbors and friends.

It was during this time that I began working with Pittsburgh event florists Hens & Chicks. This triptych of designs was created for an event hosted by PNC Bank. Each was printed on an eight by four foot panel. These panels were arranged across the event. I freelanced with Hens & Chicks for multiple years, creating various large and small scale pieces for their productions. Sometimes a hands-on process and other times creating digital products these assignments always pushed the limits of my creativity and physical capabilities.

From 2015-2017 I worked with Top Notch Art Supply to create various advertising pieces for their annual sale events. I also created weekly marketing emails to advertise ongoing in-store specials. Working largely within a preconceived brand identity, I used a history of logos, marks, and prior designs to inform and create new pieces. A large variety of printed materials were created ranging from postcards to fold-out mailers, hand-filled business letters and in-store circulars. Many of these marks and logos were refined and used for in-store and front of store signage.


DISSIDENT INDUSTRIES: My current design output is mostly centered around this project. Equal parts fashion design and punk rock distro, this allows me to interact with my favorite things while also exploring different creative methods and design techniques. I first began exploring fashion design while working on my undergraduate studies in 2004. Self-educated in sewing, leather working, and textile design; I've been creating and selling completed works since 2010. The first rumblings of Dissident Industries began in 2012 when I was commissioned to create multiple denim pieces for a street market display. It was during this time when I began to refine my personal fashion vision and started to create pieces which reflect said vision. Using motifs of hand-cut stencils, layered deconstruction, natural dyes and pigments, and a nod towards longevity I aim to create one-of-a-kind garments that can be worn for many years.

I started reading MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL as a senior in high school. I maintained a subscription through college (it was the only thing I ever made sure was forwarded to my many PO boxes) and would occasionally submit my own self-published zines for review. Now no longer in print, but just as mighty online, I am a regular contributing writer. As an avid music enthusiast and a lifelong writer of music, this allows me to stretch my linguistic skills without overdoing it.


From time to time, I host events that cater to my various interests. Here are a collection of flyers I've used to promote different happenings.