5.14.2022 A week ago I went for a road trip through the southern portion of West Virginia and the northwestern edge of Virginia. In the weeks leading up to this trip I spent most of my leisure time researching urban legends and ancient stories of the areas I intended to visit. Intermittent rain, low cloud cover, and fog combined to bring alive the myths I'd heard. Moundsville, West Virginia, stop number one, home of Grave Creek Mound the largest Adena burial mound and supposed interment area of giants. Further down the Ohio River, Point Pleasant, West Virginia a place where the infamous Mothman haunts. Leaving the banks of river and heading east towards the interior of West Virginia brought about claustrophobic mountain valleys and rumors of hauntings. Standing alone in a field surrounded by the darkness of night, it becomes easy to imagine how the Sodder children could go missing, among many others. As the ancient Appalachian peaks give way to their younger blue ridged neighbors the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was a passing roadside attraction. Heading north through Virginia it is easy to picture battles taking place in the overcast morning, the ghosts of previous men and beasts still walking the rolling green hills.